Chat software

Chat software is one of the best tools for any type of enterprises in order to enhance the online sales, quality of the customer services. At the same time, the folks can also interact with the representatives of the company so that the queries can be solved in a reliable manner. It is popularly known to be the standard channel of the communication and can be easily installed on the website without any complications. The folks can access the overall chat functionality in the real time. Online chats are just the next level of mobile messaging service where SMS does not use the internet, but online chats require internet. These chats are just short spoken words sending as the texts between two persons in a conversation.
It emerged as a new trend of “chatting” because of easy conveying of messages through the texts in a short duration which is comfortable one for most of the people. By drastic improvement of internet and technologies, these text chats later extended into voice and live video chats. At present live video chat is the emerging one, which is a very easy medium to access anyone from anywhere just with the help of a Smartphone and internet. Various software and apps are available to provide the video calling service. It highly helps for the business people to keep engage with the customers to give them a reliable experience and trust. This means of communication is a new way of approach to make conversations with the customers to deliver them various benefits and a move to set expectations among the audience for company services.


Marketplace Software

Marketplace software is used for both the purposes for buying and selling the products online generally by a business organization. The real fact is that it is useful for the folks who are busy in their lifetimes who have no time to purchase or to sell. At the same time, it has made a tremendous response from the customers. It is undeniably true that the marketplace software applications are taking up places everywhere, where it provides easy user interface even for the novice user to accomplish the task that they are looking for. And apart from this, the software applications come with the above-said features as a complete solution to purchase our desired products from our location. A marketplace is just an e-commerce site where an individual or organization is selling the products and other services by providing all the detailed description of the products to the buyers. It is an end to end business approach. Just like other things based on the needs of the customers, technology just transformed the ordinary selling and buying things through the online mode.


Hotel booking software

Online booking and payment is the current trend in business management and it is a very convenient and comfortable way for the people to gratify their needs. Also for hotel management, there are many types of software to assist the works. In the past, phone call based booking systems are there which needs ample time and manual workers who have to respond to a number of customers through call and clarifying their queries and demands for booking purposes. Online booking system saves a lot of time, easily accessible for everyone just who has internet and it is undoubtedly a modern approach in the booking system. The use of booking software is a beneficial one for all the hotels as it improves the chances of customers to reach the hotel in a very easy way.
Choosing the best management software for the company is a must one and it cut downs many time-consuming things. Cloud-based management applications are the best one for every hotel to maintain a constant relationship with customers by updating detailed information such as room availability, prices, adjustment with the new bookings etc. With the use of this software, maintaining booking details and daily activities of the hotel becomes to be a very easy task. It does not need any additional training for a worker to use that software, as it is very user-friendly and a clear outlook about the software is mentioned in itself from where anybody can learn and use it.


Fundraising software

Fundraising software is used by various organizations to manage the contribution of money from trusts or any other resources. This is a much-needed one for who are conducting many fundraising events and they must understand the primary objective to raise funds. They can come from various resources such as government agencies, donations from individuals, companies, and trusts etc. To support capital projects, operating expenses the funds are raised by the nonprofit organizations. Before a decade, manual methods are used to maintain the fundraising records and it is a tedious process to note out all the source details. At present, this process is a very simple one by using software, as the websites can be easily spread around anywhere to access various kinds of people for raising funds.
People who wish to send funds, just need to register their basic details on the website and can transfer the funds through online. All the records of receiving funds from different resources are saved automatically by the software as a record thus makes the whole process as an easy and an efficient one.

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Developers Pad – Testimonial

Developers Pad – FAQs

1. What kind of software applications do you develop ?

We are into various application developments that are a standalone desktop application, web applications, server-side application, and Cloud-based applications.

2. Do you provide support for the customers ?

We have a special after-sales support team in our company who takes care of the product support to our clients and customers are welcomed to contact us to anytime for support.

3. How much does it cost to build an application ?

Cost for developing an application varies according to the platform and the complexity of the app, feel free to consult us for the quotation, we have specialised consultants with us.

4. How about mobile apps ?

We have a separate team working on mobile technologies; we provide services in Android and iOS as well.

5. What are the newest technologies you are working with ?

The current newest technologies that we are working on now are Big Data and Internet of Things, which is the recent boom in the industry and has a lot of applications with it.

6. What kind of methodology do you work in ?

We work in the new methodology called Agile methodology, which is the newest in the market and provides a lot of benefits to the clients as it has communication a part of it.

7. How to contact you ?

You can visit our website and there is a page called Contact page where you can see our contact details like address, phone number, and email. We are always ready to serve you.